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My Story with CareCredit

Jun 2021


As a devoted rescue dog Mom of more than seven years, Paula uses the CareCredit credit card for all her dog’s veterinary and medical needs. When Paula learned about all the other places that accept CareCredit, she also used her credit card for elective surgical procedures for herself and looks for the CareCredit logo whenever visiting a healthcare provider.

Jun 2021


Krista has been working in animal rescue for 20 years. Her story starts with Willow, who came to her as a foster cat and soon became her “foster fail.” Willow was seven years old when she came to Krista’s home, and was already experiencing some health problems, including a very concerning eye issue. Krista was able to use the CareCredit credit card to get Willow much needed treatment allowing Krista and her beloved cat more months together than she originally thought possible.

Jun 2021


Steve is an animal lover and owner of three rescue cats, Ryder, Damian and Toby. He and his wife have fostered more than 50 cats over the years, so he knows how expensive veterinary care can be. As a CareCredit cardholder for more than 15 years, Steve is grateful that CareCredit has not only enabled him to keep his cats happy and healthy, but also helped him get much needed dental work for his own health too.

Jun 2021

Alan’s Type II Diabetes

As a self-employed songwriter and musician, staying on budget and planning for life’s unexpected events is vital for Alan. As a long-time customer, Alan has seen how the CareCredit credit card enabled him to pay for the cost of managing his type 2 diabetes, resolving his issues with sleep apnea and attending to his regular dental needs.

Jun 2021


Laura is a devoted owner to her beloved cat, Ethan. During a regular veterinary visit the vet recommended two of Ethan’s teeth be extracted. With the high cost of the surgery, Laura’s vet mentioned the CareCredit credit card. She applied, was approved, and was able to get Ethan’s surgery which was a complete success. Laura now has peace of mind knowing that CareCredit is there to help her keep all her furbabies healthy and happy for years to come! 

May 2021


Elizabeth gives everything to her rescue cats. So when her cat Princess developed an advanced form of Diabetes, she knew she had to be there for her, no matter what. Even though the vet bill was very high, Elizabeth felt comfortable to pay for the care with her #CareCredit credit card.

May 2021

Owen And His Smile

As a dancer, Owen is on stage A LOT. So, of course he wants his smile looking pristine! After his move to Los Angeles, he went in for a routine dental visit, but was shocked when they found 3 cavities that needed to be filled immediately. He also needed to have his old metal fillings replaced with ceramic ones! As the price tag kept getting higher, the dental office recommended the #CareCredit credit card. 

May 2021


Jessi knows that a healthy pet is a happy pet and recently, that old expression was proven true when her beloved dog, Stripe, needed some unexpected veterinary care. Jessi had been using the CareCredit credit card for her pets’ veterinary care and her own dental care for years. After a recent move from Florida to Texas, Stripe was showing signs of discomfort and since Jessi’s pet insurance hadn’t kicked in yet she was able to use CareCredit to get Stripe to the vet.

May 2021


Elizabeth never had the best luck with her teeth. Due to low calcium levels and weak teeth, she developed a huge fear of ruining her smile. Two weeks before a dream trip to Barcelona, her worse fear came true. She broke her front tooth. Not wanting to travel with a broken tooth, Elizabeth immediately called her dentist and used the CareCredit credit card to pay for the dentistry just before traveling!

May 2021


Donna and her cat, Domino, have always been inseparable. One day, Domino ran into the street and was hit by a car. Donna was able to rush him to the veterinarian where he had emergency surgery and she was able to use her CareCredit credit card to pay for his procedure. Being the amazing #catmom she is, Donna slept on the floor with Domino for three days as he recovered.